September 23, 2022
AmAir® 500E
September 26, 2022

AmAir® 200E / 300E

Product Overview

  • Excellent as a pre-filter
  • Disposable pleated filter
  • Wide selection range
  • Hihg loft media increases dust holding capacity
  • Expanded metal support grid increases the stability of the pleat pack

Typical Applications

• Commercial Building
 Food MFG

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Benefits & Features

High Performing, Environmentally Friendly Media

With the new AmAir 300 series of prefilters, AAF has risen to the challenge of designing an environmentally friendly product, combined with necessary performance characteristics.

These filters feature a new 100% synthetic media pack that provides excellent performance in high relative humidity and moisture. When this media becomes wet, resistance may rise temporarily, subsiding when the media starts to dry.

This synthetic media displays great tensile strength, reducing the chance of damage during handling and operation. This media is also environmentally and user friendly: it does not contain any harsh resins or artificial coloring. It can therefore be readily disposed of by landfill or incineration.


Sturdy, Reliable Construction

The pleated media pack of both ranges of filters is housed within a sturdy double-walled, die-cut box, beverage board frame. To ensure the media pack does not rack or deteriorate under difficult operating conditions, it is bonded to the inside of its frame at all points of contact and retained in position by retainers at the air leaving and air entering sides.

On the air leaving side of the media pack, a wire mesh pleat support grid maintains equidistant spacing between pleats, ensuring that dust is collected evenly over the entire surface of the media. Media usage is maximized, resulting in a more gradual rise in resistance, which in turn has a positive effect on energy consumption and service life.



Classified G4 (EN779), the AmAir 300 filters are ideal for protecting more expensive secondary air filters from premature dust loading and replacement. As primary filters, they also help reduce HVAC maintenance costs by preventing unnecessary dust build-up on coils, fans, and ductwork.



Filter Depth (mm)22 , 44 , 95
Media TypeNon-Woven Cotton Synthetic Blend
Frame MaterialMoisture Resistant Beverage Board
Special Size AvailableYes
Antimicrobial AvailableOptional
Recomm. Final Resistance250 Pa
Max. Operating Temperature93˚C
Air Filtration CertificateUL 900