DriPak® 25
September 26, 2022
24CS เปิดเทรดวันแรกที่ 7.10 บาท เพิ่มขึ้น 3.70 บาท (+108.82%) จากราคา IPO 3.40 บาท
October 3, 2022

MEGApleat® M8

Product Overview

  • Excellent as a pre-filter
  • Low operating resistance saves energy
  • Highest dust holding capacity
  • Strongest construction
  • Guaranteed consistent performance
  • Patent-pending filter design
  • Heavy-duty, galvanised expanded metal support grid

Typical Applications

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceutica
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Benefits & Features

The New Standard in Premium Pleated Filters

The longest lasting MERV 8 pleated panel filter in the market is the MEGApleat M8 filter. Manufactured with a heavy-duty, galvanized expanded metal support grid and moisture-resistant adhesive, the MEGApleat M8 filter is the strongest MERV 8 pleated filter available. The MEGApleat M8 filter’s low initial resistance requires less energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and energy savings.

High Dust Holding Capacity and Low Operating Resistance

Uniform size virgin fibers are assembled in closely controlled blends to create a media that is consistent in performance. MEGApleat M8 filters promote maximum airflow and dust holding capacity (DHC). MEGApleat M8 filters load at a slower rate, increasing the life of the filter. Lower pressure drop and higher DHC translate to reductions in energy consumption and operating costs. MEGApleat M8 filters are rated MERV 8.

High Performance in Tough Operating Conditions

Designed to meet the demands of the toughest applications, the MEGApleat M8 filter offers a totally unitized, die-cut box, beverage board frame with double thickness in the perimeter wall. The MEGApleat M8 filter is extremely strong and durable under difficult operating conditions, including high-moisture applications. A heavy-duty, galvanized expanded metal pleat support grid laminated to the media pack increases rigidity and helps maintain proper spacing between pleats. Proper pleat spacing ensures maximum efficiency, low resistance, and maximizes DHC. The media pack is bonded to the frame at all points of contact, using moisture-resistant adhesive. This bonding prevents dirty air bypass and promotes even airflow through the media pack. The MEGApleat M8 filter construction process results in a filter which is very stable, with no racking or vibration of the pleats under normal airflow. Pleat stability minimizes the chances of captured particulate shaking loose and re-entering the airstream.

Certified Performance – Insist on Independent Testing

With the MEGApleat M8 filter, MERV 8 classification is documented with test results from an independent, third-party test laboratory. Your sales representative has the results for you to review whenever you would like. The MEGApleat M8 filter gives you the performance our competitors promise but don’t deliver.

AAF Guarantee

Unlike other MERV 8 filters where there is significant performance variability from filter to filter, the MEGApleat M8 filter is designed for performance consistency. AAF is so confident about the performance, we guarantee the MEGApleat M8 filter to last longer, be stronger, be more cost-efficient than any competitor’s MERV 8 pleated filter, and perform to MERV 8 standards throughout the filter life.



Filter Depth (mm)22, 44, 95
Media TypeSynthetic
Frame MaterialMoisture Resistant Beverage Board
Special Size AvailableYes
Antimicrobial AvailableNo
Recomm. Final Resistance250 Pa
Max. Operating Temperature66˚C
Air Filtration CertificateUL 900