24CS ได้รับมาตรฐาน ISO 14001:2015
November 21, 2023
24CS ลงนามสัญญาซื้อขายพลังงานไอน้ำ 332ล้านบาท
December 18, 2023



  • Received a certificate of quality management system ISO 14001:2015, an international standard for environmental management, using the Environmental Management System according to international standards. as a guideline for systematic management It is considered to reinforce the environmental mission towards sustainable development at the next level.


  • Sign a new project contract Selling steam energy with Botany Petcare Company Limited. Total project value is 322,000,000 baht (three hundred and twenty-two million baht only). Service period according to the contract is 10 years, contract starts on 15 Dec. 2023.