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Control panels to be used with fume cupboard controllers or room controllers, for displaying operating values, activating functions and signalling operating states

  • Signalling of safety-related functions for fume cupboards according to EN 14175 or of operating states for rooms
  • Display of actual values, setpoint values and status messages
  • Wireless communication with Bluetooth module
  • 40-character text display
  • Push buttons for the operating mode default setting and for specific functions
  • Project-specific range of functions with configurable push buttons
  • Integral service socket for configuration and diagnosis
  • Casing suitable for flush mounting to fume cupboard side frame, or for surface mounting on a wall
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  • Control panels Type BE-LCD for displaying and operating the aerodynamic functions of fume cupboards or rooms
  • Display of actual values, setpoint values, and operating states either as text or on the status display
  • Optical and acoustic alarms
  • Operating mode default setting
  • Operation of lighting, automatic sash device or blinds without additional installation or wiring

Control panel for fume cupboard control

  • Status display to EN 14175
  • Connection to fume cupboard controller EASYLAB TCU3

Room control panel

  • Status display for the volume flow rate or differential pressure control of a room
  • Connection to room controller EASYLAB TCU3 or TAM with active room management function

Special characteristics

  • Large three-colour status display
  • Push buttons and functions can be configured individually
  • Easy to use – available function buttons are visible, unavailable function buttons are not visible
  • Excellent operating reliability as a result of continuous self monitoring of the communication between controller and control panel
  • Pluggable adapter which can provide four different viewing angles
  • Mounting on side frame or wall



Parts and characteristics

  • 40-character display, backlit (blue)
  • Three-colour status display (green, yellow, red) with text HIGH and LOW
  • Sash monitoring warning display
  • 8 function button fields, can be individually activated
  • Alarm sounder
  • Connection socket for EASYLAB controller
  • Integral service socket for configuration and diagnosis of the controller
  • Wireless communication with Bluetooth module BlueCon
  • 5 m connecting cable
  • Rectangular casing suitable for flush mounting or surface mounting

Useful additions

  • EasyConnect: Configuration software for the commissioning and diagnosis of EASYLAB components

Construction features

  • Casing with base plate and pluggable adapter to facilitate mounting
  • Adapter allows for mounting even on small side frames of fume cupboards
  • Pluggable adapter which can provide four different viewing angles: from the right, from the left, from top, from bottom
  • Pluggable connections

Materials and surfaces

  • Casing in ABS plastic
  • Casing: pearl light grey (RAL 9022)
  • Front plastic: anthracite grey (RAL 7016)



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