AmAir® 200E / 300E
กันยายน 26, 2022
กันยายน 26, 2022

AmAir® 500E

Product Overview

  • The media pack support retainers
  • Meltblown synthetic pleated media increase dust holding capacity
  • Premium performance
  • Contoured pleat design

Typical Applications

  • Commercial Building
  • Food MFG
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Benefits & Features

Sturdy Panel Filter

The AmAir 500 filter is a sturdy panel filter that has a high loft glass fibre pleated media with a synthetic layer on the air leaving side. This pleated media is formed and contoured using a mesh support grid. This grid provides consistent pleat shaping and spacing, allowing dust to collect uniformly over the entire surface area of the filter media. This feature ensures a more gradual rise in resistance, a high dust holding capacity, and a long service life.

The mesh support grid also helps retain the media in place and contributes to the overall rigidity of the filter. To ensure a highly reliable and strong construction, this filter media is housed in a sturdy die-cut or metal frame. This filter is ideal for use as a primary filter to prevent dust build-up on coils, fans, and ductwork, or as a prefilter to prolong the service life of higher efficiency filters



Filter Depth (mm)44 , 95
Media TypeMeltblown Synthetic with a Synthetic Scrim Backing
Frame MaterialMoisture Resistant Beverage Board
Special Size AvailableYes
Antimicrobial AvailableOptional
Recomm. Final Resistance300 Pa
Max. Operating Temperature93˚C
Air Filtration CertificateUL 900