KJF Series – Tunnel Jet Fan
กันยายน 15, 2022
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กันยายน 22, 2022

KTF Series – Tunnel Axial Fan

Quick Facts

  • Size from 1120 to 3150 mm diameter
  • Air Volume Up to 250 cms
  • Static Pressure Up to 5000 Pa
  • Unidirectional and 100% Truly Reversible
  • Casings are Steel Hot Dip Galvanized as per ASTM A123
  • Blades are X-Ray Test as per ASTM E155
  • Performance Tested as per AMCA 210 and 300
  • High Temperature Certified by TUV SUD as per EN 12101
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KTF Series are axial mixed flow fans designed with high strength material to serve tunnel ventilation application such as Transportation Tunnel, Underground Construction, Utility Tunnel, Wind Tunnel, etc.

Fans are provided with non-stall design or anti-stall ring ensures stall-free operation and protect the ventilation fans and upstream/downstream equipment from potential damage.

Truly Reversible (Reversibility of 97-100%) airflow direction is available.

Air performance ratings are tested and certified by AMCA, in accordance to AMCA210 standard.

High temperature (up to 400°C/2 Hours) in accordance with EN12101-3 certification by TÜV SÜD a third party globally renowned testing and certification organisation.

All impellers are statically and dynamically balanced to ISO1940 and AMCA204 - G2.5 standards.