KAEF Series – Agriculture Propeller Fan
กันยายน 15, 2022
KITJ Series – Agriculture Axial Fan
กันยายน 15, 2022

KIBJ Series – Agriculture Bellmouth Fan

Quick Facts

  • Available in 3 sizes, 315, 500 and 630mm
  • Capacities up to 9,715CMH
  • Static pressure up to 200Pa
  • Standard Single Phase, 50Hz, and 230V motors
  • Suitable for greenhouses, swine farms, cow farms and corrals.
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C
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The Kruger Agriculture Fan is designed to provide adequate air movement and ventilation for optimal environmental conditions in greenhouses.

KIBJ simple and compact design, with bell mouth and short fan housing allows for easy handling and installation, making it ideal for simple air induction applications.