Compact, static
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มิถุนายน 29, 2022

Compact, dynamic


Compact device for use with VAV terminal units

  • Controller, differential pressure transducer, and actuator are fitted together in one casing
  • Volume flow rates Vminand Vmax are factory set as parameters
  • Ideal for carrying out service from the switch cabinet or control panel
  • Change of parameters using adjustment devices
  • Suitable for constant and variable volume flows as well as for Vmin/ Vmax switching
  • Bus communication is possible due to the following interfaces: MP bus, LonWorks, Modbus RTU, KNX


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  • Electronic volume flow controllers of Type Compact are compact, all-in-one control devices for VAV terminal units
  • Dynamic differential pressure transducer, electronic controller, and actuator are fitted together in one casing
  • Suitable for different control tasks depending on how the input for the setpoint value signal is used
  • The output signals (voltage signals or data points) of the room temperature controller, central BMS, air quality controller or similar units control variably control the volume flow
  • Switches or relays allow for local overrides (depending on controller variant)
  • Volume flow rate actual value is available as a linear voltage signal or data point
  • Controller parameters are factory set

Standard filtration in comfort air conditioning systems allows for use of the controller in the supply air without additional dust protection. Since a partial volume flow is passed through the transducer in order to measure the volume flow rate, please note:

  • With heavy dust levels in the room, suitable extract air filters must be provided.
  • If the air is polluted with fluff or sticky particles or contains aggressive media, Compact controllers cannot be used



Parts and characteristics

  • Sensor for dynamic differential pressure measurements
  • Mechanical stops for limiting the damper blade positions
  • Actuators with overload protection
  • Release button to allow for manual operation



Product Information


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